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Nexen by YHI

N'blue HD

Key Features

  • Three continuous centre ribs for directional driving stability at high speed
  • Four circumferential grooves and slightly curved lateral grooves, for effective water dispersal and hydroplaning resistance
  • Dual kerf design for optimised block stiffness and enhanced tread longevity
  • Five pitch sequence layout, reduces pattern noise and vehicle vibrations for a quiet ride

Performance Category: Ultra High Performance

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
185/65R15 88T88T622
205/55R16 91H91H632
205/60R16 92H92H652
205/55R16 91V91V632
215/45R17 91W91W625
225/40R18 88V88V637
235/45R18 94V94V669

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