Puncture Repairs

There are many hazards that can make tyres less effective and more of a danger to drivers and passengers. It is not uncommon for a sharp stone, nail, or other pointed piece of debris to puncture a tyre.

Because flat tyres are dangerous to use, it is advised that motorists only drive on them in extreme circumstances, such as when they need to reach safety from a busy highway. It is also important to note that the longer a driver uses a flat tyre, the more unlikely it becomes that a tyre repair service can be performed. This is because riding on a flat tire for too long can cause irrevocable damage to the tyre. As the tyre deflates, the wheel will come into closer contact with the ground, potentially damaging the rim.

It is important to understand that tyre repair is time sensitive. The sooner you are able to bring a lightly to moderately damaged tyre in for repair, the more likely it is that the tyre can be saved.

We can carry out a tyre repair within half an hour while you wait.

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