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Cheap tyres vs expensive ones | Your buying guide

Cheap tyres vs expensive ones - your buying guide

Look, we know that keeping your vehicle in running order can be expensive. Services, parts - even just the operating costs. So we understand that it’s tempting to save money where you can. But there’s a big difference between saving money and getting value for money, and when it comes to your tyres you should always opt for the latter. Safety is the first consideration as inferior-quality parts can be downright dangerous, but buying cheap tyres can also end up costing you more in the long run.

Cheap tyres are often untraceable

Under Australian law, if something goes wrong with a product you purchase, you can hold the seller accountable. Cheap tyres have no quality provenance, and are often traced to dubious suppliers. Something goes wrong with the tyres, there’s no-one you can turn - including potentially your insurance company.

Cheap tyres wear quicker

Beyond these serious concerns, cheap tyres can begin to show wear and tear much sooner than expensive ones, and play an important part in your car’s performance. If your tyres are not in tiptop condition, they can add considerably to the daily operating costs of your car, not least the increased risk of damage to other parts.

Cheap tyres cheapen the auto industry

Emphasis on innovation means that manufacturers of poor-quality products will find themselves going out of business when demand ceases. Instead of investing in a poor set of wheels that could literally see your car cut corners, look instead at the many other ways in which you can save money. Regular servicing and tyre rotation can keep you on the road for cheaper - even with a set of top-notch tyres. Pop into Harbord Road, and ask us how we can help.