Steering & Suspension

The suspension in your motor vehicle is a lot more than just simply absorbing bumps on the road. It is an assortment of specifically designed parts all working in unison. When suspension components wear it doesn’t just effect the worn component, it domino effects through all the associated components and multiplies the effect. This can create unpredictable handling, premature tyre wear and severely effects the safety of your motor vehicle.

Your suspension is constantly under immense amounts of load creating significant wear and tear.

Having your suspension properly inspected and maintained is crucial.

Goodspanner takes pride performing all suspension inspections, repairs and even upgrades.

Goodspanner can perform sports upgrades inc upgraded suspension bushes, shock absorbers and springs, inc lowering springs.

4WD suspension is also taken care of with raising and geometry adjustment performed. We can also perform suspension upgrades to commercial vehicles to increase the load carrying capacity.