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Welcome to Goodspanner - Tyre and Service Centres

At Goodspanner service centre we pride ourselves on “re-inventing the wheel” in every aspect of our business. We spend a large amount of our efforts in always driving our level of customer service, our workshop efficiency and internal education to ensure we have the fastest and most affordable option for our customers. Goodspanner is proud of having reached the high standard of being recognised by all factory manufacturers, as an approved alternative for all your servicing needs. We can even maintain your factory warranty.

Customer communication is extremely important to us at Goodspanner. We strive to make our customers feel involved in the process and also that 100% understand what we are doing to their vehicles and the costs involved.

Jeff Smit

One of the guest speakers at the Machines and Macchiatos Triple Shot Super Show will be Jeff Smit!

He is the Technical Editor, Head Trainer, Director of The Automotive Technician (TaT) and Owner of Premier Automotive. He has won many awards for technical and business expertise for over 35 years.

He believes passionately in the need for constant training to stay ahead in the automotive repair industry, and has undertaken countless post trade courses in all areas of mechanical, auto electrical and electronics.

In 2007 he was instrumental (along with two partners) in establishing The Automotive Technician network (TaT). He has toured widely throughout Australia, New Zealand and internationally delivering technical workshops and training sessions to technicians specialising in automotive diagnostics.

We are really looking forward to hearing Jeff speak on Sunday November 24th at St Ives Showground!

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