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You have just purchased your first 4×4 off-road vehicle. Understandably, you immediately want to hit the trails, take in out on the beach, or pick another more remote location to enjoy some awesome outdoor activities. After all, 4x4s are designed for exploring the wilderness and taking them off-road is when they really come into their own. However, if you wish to have a safe and comfortable expedition, you must first consider the efficiency and capability of your truck.

If you have a 4×4 factory standard, it is already an excellent four-wheel-drive vehicle. However, even the best 4x4s have limitations because when they leave the factory, they are not yet fully adapted for the onslaught of the wilderness. When it comes to modifying a 4WD, there are several critical upgrades that are necessary to make your truck more capable off-road and out on the trail.

With this in mind, if you are thinking of decking out your 4×4 for some far-out adventures, it is worth investing some extra time and money in a few fundamental modifications that will assist you on your adventures. Here are a few suggestions to consider before you take the leap to modify your vehicle.

#1 Recovery set up

Chances are you’ll be stuck at some point while off-roading. Be ready for it by ensuring your four-wheel drive is equipped with recovery points that can take at least twice the weight of the vehicle.. It’s our essential first for good reason. In most cases, factory tow hooks are not designed for off-road recoveries. The same is true for factory tow hitches. Because they are weaker, recovering a stuck vehicle from these points may lead to failure which can injure people involved in the recovery process.

Whenever you go off-road you should take recovery equipment with you. – recovery tracks, a snatch strap, two shackles and tow strap plus drag chain in a bag... Goodspanner sell only the best branded essentials you need for 4x4 recovery.

A winch is a, must-have piece of kit on any 4×4. They are life-saving, designed to help you navigate your way out of potentially dangerous recovery situations. That's why we’ve made the winch second on our list.

Car in mud
Car in mud 2

Outback Armour

Outback Armour - Quick Snatch Kit - Light Truck
The essentials you need for a quick snatch recovery, load your existing recovery equipment into the kit or add more items as you go

Rough Contry

Rough Country - RUBBER RECOVERY TRACK Features
Compact and comes with a handle for easy carrying, it’s galvanized steel cables and fittings make it strong, the flexible design will get you out of snow, mud and sand.

Safety first, folks!


Winches range from entry-level models to more cutting-edge technology, and they are built to survive extensive and heavy duty use within the most extreme conditions. It is advisable to invest in a top quality unit which handles properly, and one that will last you a long time.

Warn Winch<br/>Rope

Warn Winch

Rough Country winch

Rough Country - 2000 lbs. Utility Winch With Wire

Goodspanner stock only the tried and tested Warn Winches and Rough Country Winches. If we wouldn’t have it ourselves we won’t stock it.


Off-road tyres that can withstand rough terrain and long journeys so they will be a worthwhile investment. No matter how capable a vehicle is, with bad tyres, performance will be lost. Tyres that aren’t meant for off-road use get punctured easily which can be catastrophic in remote areas. Not only that, the road-biased tread doesn’t provide enough grip off-road.

Tyres with light truck construction are preferable to tyres with a passenger structure. Light vehicle tyres have thicker sidewalls and a stronger core. They are precisely made to endure a great deal of weight and withstand plenty of pressure. Light truck tyres have a lower deterioration rate, and they will last much longer.

FWDs in the sand

Wheels that can take a hit.
Steel rims work great, they withstand potential hits from rocks and if they get damaged they are easy to bend back or even temporarily weld to make it back home. Wheels can also change the width of your vehicle. Going for wheels with a negative offset will push your tires outwards increasing width and therefore stability off-road. Keep in mind though that this increase in width increases stress on suspension components. It’s really costly not getting it done professionally.

Fixing tyres

#4. Underbody protection

Underbody protection plates ( Skid or Bash plates) safeguard your vehicle from offroad driving damage from ROCKS, LOGS, BUMPS AND SCRAPES. This is why it is so important to include them in your modifications. The impact could cause significant damage to your oil pan, gearbox cases, and driveshafts, which could leave you stuck in the wilderness.

Offroad Animal Bash Plate


Although your immediate plans may not include going for a deep water dive in you 4X4, it is wise to be prepared. Mother nature loves to throw curveballs at your adventures.

Heavy rainfall, can cause otherwise manageable streams to become torrents of water, which could make for a crossing disaster. When water builds inside a combustion engine, it can quickly become a major problem.

Having this modification optimises the performance of your 4x4 and reduces the risk of hydrolocking and engine damage, ultimately prolonging the life of your engine.

Car in water


When you’re in the middle of nowhere you will soon realise that regular headlights are inadequate. Even modified lights aren’t going to give you complete visibility. Having extra lights or lightbars on your vehicle is beneficial, for ensuring your path is brilliantly illuminated wherever your journey takes you. Therefore, Lights and /or lightbars are a must investment for any 4×4 aficionado. Here at Goodspanner we stock and install Lightforce products. They are Australian made and owned and the best we know of for Australian outdoor adventures.

Lights 4x4 Upgrades

#7. 4X4 LIFT KIT

A suspension lift kit is excellent for intensifying your 4×4’s potential. Suspension lift kits allow you to boost your tyre size and heighten the ground clearance which is essential when handling uneven terrains like creeks, trails, and sand tracks. The objective is to maximize the truck’s height to allow higher ground clearance, a sharper approach, and wider tyres and wheels.


For more information on Outback Armour and other Lift Kit Brands and products please contact us.