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Fuel Off-Road


Featuring a bold off-road look that instantly transforms any vehicle. The aggressive, high-void all-terrain tread features a stiff sidewall to help prevent punctures and bruises under the tread and in the sidewall. Built to improve stress distribution, tread life and wear, the Gripper A/T is your go-to tyre for the daily-driven off-road truck or SUV

Key Features

  • Tornado-style pattern design, greatly improving tyre grip, also providing you a beautifully simple and elegant appearance.
  • Small sipes design, providing vastly reduced road noise and heat release, while improving overall ride comfort and tyre service life
  • Double seamless wrap tape, providing enhanced tightening to further improve tyre speed, durability and impact resistance.
  • Double-layer high-strength belt steel wire to ensure the performance of the tyre
  • All-terrain pattern design provides strong tear resistance, keeping excellent grip on a variety of roads
  • Shoulder concave-convex design, greatly improving lateral grip, allowing for maximum tire control in mud or sand
  • Double-layer reinforced polyester matrix material, providing improved tyre stability at high speeds, while also improving durability and impact resistance.

Performance Category: All Terrain

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
37x12.5R17 129Q129Q940
265/65R17 116T116T776
265/70R17 121/118S121/118S803
285/70R17 121/118S121/118S831
265/60R18 114T114T775
275/65R18 114T114T815
285/65R18 125/122S125/122S828
295/70R18 129/126S129/126S876
37x12.5R20 128Q128Q940
265/50R20 112S112S773
275/55R20 117S117S811
285/55R20 117S117S822
285/65R20 127/124S127/124S508
305/55R20 121/118S121/118S844
325/60R20 126/123R126/123R898
285/40R22 124/121S124/121S787
325/50R22 127S127S887
285/40R28 117/114Q117/114Q711
305/30R28 116T116T711

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