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Marshal By YHI


The PorTran KC53 van tyre is a powerful tyre designed for heavy commercial usage, and is ideal for vans, people movers and mobile homes. The new generation for light commercial vehicle tyre with high mileage and good handling properties

Key Features

  • Handling performance. Wider tread width & solid centre rib for dry handling. Increased cavity volume wide straight circumferential for wet handling /aquaplaning.
  • Low RR and high mileage. Rib style tread pattern. Optimised pitch sequence with multi-pitch. Optimised void design to maintain rib stiffness.

Performance Category: Commercial

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
165R13 94/92R94/92R596
175R13 94/92P94/92P612
185/80R14 102/100R102/100R652
195R14 106/104R106/104R666
195/80R15 106/104R106/104R693
195/70R15 104/102R104/102R654
205/65R15 102/100T102/100T648
205/70R15 106/104R106/104R668
215/70R15 109/107T109/107T682
225/70R15 112/110R112/110R696
195/75R16 107/105T107/105T699
205/65R16 107/105T107/105T673
205/75R16 110/108R110/108R714
215/75R16 116/114R116/114R729
215/65R16 109/107T109/107T686
215/60R16 103/101T103/101T664
215/70R16 108/106T108/106T707
215/65R16 109T109T686
215/70R16 108T108T707
215/75R16 116/114R116/114R
225/75R16 121/120R121/120R744
225/65R16 112/110R112/110R699
235/65R16 121/119R121/119R712
235/65R16 115/113R115/113R712
215/60R17 104/102T104/102T690

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