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Mickey Thompson

Baja Boss

The Baja Boss is an ultra-premium Extreme Mud Terrain radial tyre featuring an asymmetric tread pattern and our PowerPly XD™ 3-ply sidewall construction

Key Features

  • 50% Larger Sidebiters - The next generation four-pitch Sidebiters® are 50% larger than any other previous Mickey Thompson radial tyre, giving you improved off-road traction in extreme conditions.
  • Asymmetrical Tread Pattern - Reduces noise and improves traction, both on-road and off-road.
  • Stone Ejector Ribs - Prevents stone drilling.

Performance Category: Off Road 4WD Maximum Traction

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
33x12.5R15 108Q108Q838
35x12.5R15 113Q113Q889
285/75R16 126Q126Q834
315/75R16 127Q127Q879
33x12.5R17 114Q114Q838
35x12.5R17 119Q119Q889
37x12.5R17 124Q124Q940
40x13.5R17 121Q121Q1016
285/70R17 121Q121Q831
305/65R17 121Q121Q828
315/70R17 121Q121Q873
33x12.5R18 118Q118Q838
285/65R18 125Q125Q828
305/70R18 126Q126Q884
305/60R18 126Q126Q823
33x12.5R20 114Q114Q838
33x12.5R20 120Q120Q838
35x12.5R20 125Q125Q889
37x12.5R20 126Q126Q940
38x15R20 128Q128Q961
285/55R20 122Q122Q822
305/55R20 125Q125Q844

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