Wheel Care

Fitting new rims to your vehicle can be a very exciting and satisfying experience. The finish of a brand new rim can ultimately change the complete look of a vehicle. Therefore the last thing you want is for that finish to become tarnished.

Keeping your brand new alloys in tip top condition does require some maintenance, but in the long run you will thank yourself for it.

The most common cause of corrosion is brake dust. As the particles disperse they latch onto the wheel and due to the higher temperature they will essentially “bake” onto the rim. If left for too long galvanic corrosion can happen ultimately destroying the finish of your rims.

It is recommended to clean your wheels once a week. If done regularly using warm soapy water (avoid car wash applicants that are acid or caustic based) it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to clean all your rims.

It is very important that you clean your rims whilst cold. After a long drive heat is generated through your brakes and rims and applying cold water to the surface could potentially warp or in severe cases, crack your brake rotors. Also any cleaning agents applied could dry too fast and stain the rims.

If you have driven the vehicle, it is recommended to let it sit for a sufficient time to allow it to cool down before commencing your weekly rim clean routine.

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